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Artist Statement

I naturally gravitate towards realism in my painting and sculptural works, though as I develop as an artist, I am exploring more expressive styles as well. My inclination to depict realistically stems from many hours spent as a child in the Meadows Museum of Art, full of Spanish old masters’ and early 19th Century Realism paintings. Velasquez, Sorrolla and Madrazo are strong influences for my painting, as well as Frederick Remington and Rodin for my figurative sculptures. 

I alternate between painting in Alla Prima and with Renaissance glazing techniques, for both my own enjoyment and for sharing my artistic vision in commissioned work and portraiture. In addition to these Traditional techniques, I enjoy exploring more Contemporary and Impressionistic styles of painting people, places and things and am always evolving as an artist.


Peggy was born in 1963 in Dallas, Texas and spent many hours in the Meadows Museum of Art as a child, studying the Spanish Masters’ paintings and brushwork, but had no formal art training.

Peggy started painting as an adult in 1993 as a hobby.  She painted traditional portraits and landscapes in oil, acrylic and pastel by commission sporadically through the years from home while raising her family.  During this time, she also painted numerous large residential murals and ceilings, using Trompe L’oeil techniques.

Peggy moved to Greenville, SC in 2001 with her family and has been living there ever since. Now that her children are in college, she is pursuing her art career anew. She has an art studio downtown and still lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and two dogs.